NEW Air Mattress Evacuation Sheet

On 1 March 2024
NEW Air Mattress Evacuation Sheet

Alerta Medical supply a growing range if quality transfer aids, with large stocks available for fast delivery.

Fire evacuation is not something we like to think about, and we all hope it never has to happen, but it is also one of the most important events to be properly prepared for. The costs of being ill-prepared doesn't bear thinking of, especially where lives are involved.

The Fire Safety Act 2021 was last amended Feb 2023 and now is always the right time to raiase awareness for evacuation plans and ensure correct equipment is in place.

This is why Alerta Medical have closed another gap by launching the new Air Mattress Evacuation Sheet. The Alerta Air Mattress Evacuation Sheet is intended to be placed permanently underneath an alternating air mattress ready to be used for transporting a user to safety during an evacuation. Alerta's Air Mattress Evacuation Sheet is suitable for both Overlay and Replacement air mattress systems.

In the event of an evacuation, the sheet enables the whole mattress to be turned into an evacuation sledge. The flexible and slippery underneath will allow controlled and easy access through doorways and downstairs.

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