The Future is Wireless

On 5 March 2021
The Future is Wireless
Alerta Medical offer a unique and comprehensive range of wireless fall prevention solutions, designed for use in hospital, nursing and home care environments.

Alerta Wireless Fall Prevention has the benefit of being 100% cable free which makes it extra safe with no cables and allows greater flexibility in where you position the products as they don't need to be near a nurse call point.

The Alerta Wall Point Receiver can be wirelessly paired with up to 5 Alerta wireless products and is compatible with the Deluxe Alertamat, Floor+ Alertamat, Bed Alertamat, Chair Alertamat, Alerta Detect and Alerta Button.

It uses radio frequency technology to connect, with a wireless range of up to 95 meters. Once paired with Alerta devices it only transmits to those devices and will not interfere with other Alerta Wall Point Receivers or devices in use nearby.

All the wireless Alerta products can be connected to a nurse call system through the Alerta Wall Point Receiver for centralised activation, or used on its own, independent of a nurse call system to give localised alerts through the Alerta Wall Point Receiver only.

  • Industry leading distributor support
  • Attractive distributor pricing structure
  • Large stock holding for same day despatch
  • We only supply approved distributors and never sell to the end-user

You can browse the full range of Wireless Fall Prevention here and the accessories here.

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Alerta Medical are a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of innovative and trusted durable medical equipment, delivering solutions to proactively maximise user safety and comfort. 

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