Phthalate Free Bed Rail Bumpers

On 1 July 2020
Phthalate Free Bed Rail Bumpers
Alerta Medical bed rail bumpers are made with PU (Polyurethane Fabric) instead of PVC due to the risks of Phthalates with PVC. PU is safer and higher quality, breathable and serves a longer lifetime.
Did you know, many bed rail bumpers currently being sold into the care home market are PVC? It is strongly advisable to change your supply from PVC to PU Phthalate free.
Alerta Medical bed rail bumpers are Phthalate free, providing you with a unique advantage over the competition. Set yourself apart and lead the industry by supplying safer PU bed rail bumpers to your customers.
  • Large stocks for next day delivery
  • Highly competitive pricing structure
  • Provide your customers with more choice and more value
  • We only supply approved distributors and never sell to the end-user

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You can view more information and browse the full range of bed rail bumpers here.

Alerta Medical are a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of innovative and trusted durable medical equipment, delivering solutions to proactively maximise user safety and comfort. 

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