The Power Lifter That Sets You Apart

On 1 June 2020
The Power Lifter That Sets You Apart
Set yourself apart in the marketplace with the Alerta Stand 200 and gain a competitive advantage by supplying a superior product, providing more choice and more value to your customers.
Designed for use in homecare, hospital and care home environments, the Alerta Stand 200 Power Lifter provides security, functionality, and outstanding reliability. Easy to operate, easy to move and comes with a sling provided.
The Alerta Stand 200 gives users a very restful and calming lift experience, the wide range of features make this a highly versatile and cost effective solution.
Add the Alerta Stand 200 to your product offering and enjoy the benefits of selling a unique product, distinguished from your competitors.
  • Large stocks for next day delivery
  • Highly competitive pricing structure
  • Tested and proven with the end-user
  • Provide your customers with more choice and more value
  • Set yourself apart from the competition and lead the industry
  • We only supply approved distributors and never sell to the end-user

Contact Alerta Medical for attractive prices - and be one of the first to market!

You can view more information about the Alerta Stand 200 here.

Alerta Medical are a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of innovative and trusted durable medical equipment, delivering solutions to proactively maximise user safety and comfort. 

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